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Small Business Success in the Time of COVID-19

When Iowa businesses need help, Iowa banks are there to lend support, propping up small businesses and local economies to help them through challenging times. Watch the video. Learn more about Built by You, Backed by Iowa Banks.

COVID-19 Resources

The Iowa Bankers Association has provided resources to help ensure the health and safety of bank employees, as well as their customers and partners. The resources can assist banks as they prudently plan and prepare for the coronavirus. Learn more


Weekly PPP Loan Report

Iowa banks continue to help thousands of small businesses receive much-needed aid. Review the U.S. Small Business Administration’s weekly report on Paycheck Protection Program loan approvals. Learn more.

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Revisions to Three Sections of the BSA FFIEC Exam Webinar - Webinar
Apr 14, 2021
The FFIEC members have added a new introductory section and revised content in the Customer Identifi… learn more
Excel Explained: Pivot Tables 101 Webinar - Webinar
Apr 14, 2021
Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA, focuses on the basics of using Excel pivot tables in this comp… learn more
Implementing Agency Identified Issues Webinar - Webinar
Apr 15, 2021
Join us as we analyze consumer compliance issues identified by the CFPB and other regulatory agencie… learn more
Top 25 Safe Deposit Compliance Issues Webinar - Webinar
Apr 15, 2021
Questions regarding deceased renters, payable-on-death clause, living trusts, court orders, Servicem… learn more
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Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corp. (IBMC) offers the products & experience Iowa banks need in the secondary mortgage market.

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Iowa Bankers Insurance & Services (IBIS) offers Iowa banks a full line of insurance products.

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