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The Iowa Bankers Association trains more than 8,000 bankers annually. Our educational offerings are available in a variety of formats to make training as convenient, timely and cost-effective as possible. We encourage you to explore all the training options available to you.

IBA offers live and web-based training solutions for bankers in any function and at all levels. Below are just a few upcoming events. For a complete list of education events see the IBA Calendar of Events.

Featured Events

CFPB Takes Action to Help Employers Webinar - Webinar
Oct 2, 2020
During this webinar we will explore the new Autosave program developed by the CFPB. Employers interested in creating an automatic savings (Autosave) program as a way for employees to build emergency savings and increase their financial resiliency would then be able to use the CAST Template as the basis for an application to receive approval from the Bureau to create such a program. Under an Autosave program, new and existing employees would be able to build emergency savings by directing a port… learn more
Basic Secured Loan Documentation Webinar - Webinar
Oct 5, 2020
This is for Part 1 only. For series pricing, CLICK HERE. Learn about basic loan documentation principles and practices under Revised Article 9 for collateral. What You Will Learn Loan applications and financial statements Loan committee memos and presentations Lien document Lien perfection including UCC-1 and other filing requirements Lien searches and title verification documents Promissory notes Authorization documentation for all kinds of borrowers… learn more
Loan Documentation 101: Two Part Series Webinar - Webinar
Oct 5, 2020
This is a two-part series. The prices below are including both sessions. Each session can also be attended individually by clicking on the links below. Covered Topics Loan Documentation 101: Basic Secured Loan Documentation Monday, October 5th, 2020 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm CT Learn about basic loan documentation principles and practices under Revised Article 9 for collateral. Loan Documentation 101: Lien Perfection, Business Collateral Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 10:00 am - 12:00 pm CT Learn a… learn more
IBA Compliance Webinar-Compliance Focus in a Changing World - Webinar
Oct 6, 2020
IBA Compliance Webinar - Maintaining Compliance Focus in a Changing World IBA’s compliance webinars are a continuing series. Brought to you by the IBA compliance staff they offer timely information, addressing key regulatory issues when you need it. The webinars keep you informed and ready for the challenges of the changing regulatory financial services environment. Everyone will agree that 2020 has been a year of change, diverting attention away from the typical compliance topics to… learn more

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