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The Iowa Bankers Association trains more than 8,000 bankers annually. Our educational offerings are available in a variety of formats to make training as convenient, timely and cost-effective as possible. We encourage you to explore all the training options available to you.

IBA offers live and web-based training solutions for bankers in any function and at all levels. Below are just a few upcoming events. For a complete list of education events see the IBA Calendar of Events.

Featured Events

Understanding & Assessing Commercial RE Leases Webinar - Webinar
Dec 4, 2020
This fast-paced webinar will identify the key legal and financial aspects of a commercial lease from the perspective of both the lender to a landlord and the lender to a commercial tenant. A primary focus of this webinar will be the proper assessment of future cash flow from rental income based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the underlying lease. Understanding these key drivers will allow a lender to properly prepare a rental rate sensitivity analysis to stress test projected inc… learn more
Commercial Construction Lending Webinar - Webinar
Dec 7, 2020
Construction loans for commercial real estate (CRE) remain a major part of commercial bank lending. Many community banks attempt to use versions of their residential formats and policies to administer commercial construction loans; however, this generally does not adequately control the situation due to several important differences between residential and commercial projects. This program provides an overview of the key steps involved in effectively administering commercial construction loans.… learn more
E-Sign for Lending - Challenges & Solutions Webinar - Webinar
Dec 8, 2020
The world of electronic banking continues to evolve and bankers want to keep pace with technology and customer preferences. Recent surveys indicate that 51% of adults in the U.S. bank online and 32% bank with mobile phones. Customers expect more digital access at a time that cybersecurity has become a significant threat. The March 2019 “breach” of 106 million records from credit card applications and 140,00 Social Security numbers from a national financial institution has brought add… learn more
FCRA Compliance: E-Oscar & Mentro2 Webinar - Webinar
Dec 8, 2020
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), like many consumer protection statutes represents a unique challenge for creditors and other data furnishers of consumer credit information. Although the language of the FCRA has not substantially changed over the years, the interpretation and enforcement of it has drastically changed in the last 10 years and navigating through those changes can be daunting. During this informative ninety (90) minute webinar the basics of proper credit reporting will be dis… learn more

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