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IBA Member Spotlight: Becky Becker

Archived Industry News:IBA Member Spotlight: Becky Becker

Last Updated: 6/24/2020 4:00 PM

After Graduating, Becker Finds Unexpected Career Path in Banking

Becky Becker earned a degree in elementary education from the University of Northern Iowa with aspirations of becoming a teacher. Upon graduation, she began searching for teaching jobs but came up empty. She decided to apply for a teller position at a local bank and accepted the job, planning to keep up her search for a teacher position.

Today — 26 years later — Becker is the regional customer service supervisor at Fidelity Bank & Trust in Oelwein. “Banking is an amazing career,” she said. “You are given the opportunity to help people on a very personal level.”

How did you get into banking as a career?  
After graduating from college with a degree in elementary education, I began my search for a teaching position. Not having any luck, I noticed an advertisement for a teller opening at our local bank, First National Bank. I thought, “That could be a good job to have until I find a teaching position.” Well, 26 years later I am still here!

Prior to your current role, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had, and what lesson did it teach you that you still use today?
It might not be unusual — at least in Iowa — but one of my first jobs was detasseling corn. Though at the time I dreaded it, the experience taught me so much — teamwork, dedication and hard work always pay off in the end! Those first paychecks as a teenager felt like I had hit the jackpot!

What is your best elevator pitch for why banking is a great career?
Banking is an amazing career! You are given the opportunity to help people on a very personal level. Besides health, finance is one of the most private and important parts of a person’s life. Having customers trust you, value your expertise and appreciate your guidance is an amazing feeling.

How does getting involved with the Iowa Bankers Association help you and your bank?
Being involved with Iowa Bankers is very beneficial for banks and their employees. They are a great resource and are a great support system.

When you’re not at work, what do you like to do most?
When I am not at work, I enjoy watching movies, cooking, reading, traveling, playing with my kitties and spending time with friends. But my biggest joy is family time, especially my new great nephews and niece!

What is a quote or guiding principle you live by?
Never regret anything that made you smile!

— Mark Twain

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